AmeriNat is an industry leader in servicing loan portfolios owned or originated by government, quasi-government, financial institutions, private investors and non-profit entities nationwide. Founded in 1975, AmeriNat manages $12 billion in loans and related deposits for nearly 300 city, county, state and NGO clients (including more than 100 Habitat for Humanity affiliates).
With over 115 employees, AmeriNat has customized its technology platforms to meet the specific needs of its customers and their borrowers, ensuring that its technology is responsive to the loan types serviced. AmeriNat is a nationwide, licensed loan servicer and is approved by FHA/VA and Fannie Mae.

AmeriNat is an independent subsidiary of O’Brien-Staley Partners, a Minnesota-based, world-class investing firm that specializes in economic development loans and other story credits. Additional information available at www.econdev-investing.com.

“Austin Habitat for Humanity switched to using AmeriNat as our loan servicer in 2014 after years of struggling to adequately service our own loans. AmeriNat was and continues to be an absolute breath of fresh air. In addition to their expertise in managing escrows and taxes, they have been very effective in helping us get a handle on our delinquencies. They've been a constant source of advice on best practices while helping to keep us in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Between their responsiveness and the online portal, the amount of in-house staff time required to manage our loan portfolio has been reduced substantially, freeing us up to do what we do best- getting deserving families into homes.”

Lori Steiner, MBA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Austin Habitat for Humanity